Loch Dress was born from a passion to create and a love of tartan. “I am definitely a proud Scot, and I absolutely love tartan, always have, the colours, the patterns, the history and the simple pleasures and pride felt by the wearer and in the eyes of the beholder.”

Mary was born into a creative family, and always showed a creative flair in whatever she did. Taught by her mother at a young age, she had always dabbled in sewing, making dresses for herself and her daughters. Then in 2007, whilst raising her family, she joined her mother in the family business Anna Macneil, where they design and make Harris Tweed accessories adorned with embroidered celtic applique designs. While she was working she also studied and gained a qualification in Design and Craft (Embroidery) at Moray College. Working here really ignited her passion for designing and creating, and sewing day in and day out has made her a very accomplished seamstress.

Mary’s designs definitely have a sense of practicality, which she gets from her mother, but she also has her own distinctive and individual style. “I wanted to design clothes that really make people stand up and take notice, if you’re wearing something that fades into the background then sometimes so will you. Confidence comes from the inside, but a lot of the time if you look good and interesting on the outside you feel good and interesting on the inside.” #FakeItTillYouMakeIt

Mary started by designing and making garments for friends, family and herself, and to perfect her skills and to hone and learn more techniques she undertook various short courses in the London School of Fashion and Alison Victoria School of Sewing. She continues to educate herself further in new, and old, techniques and believes anything is possible when it comes to designing someone’s perfect outfit, where there is a will there is a way. "I absolutely love what I do, I really do feel like I'm bringing joy to the world, my gorgeous customers are always so delighted with their Loch Dress pieces, and making people smile is what it's all about!"

Be Unique, Be Beautiful, Be YOU - Mary Wood